Dr. Amanpreet Randazzo, PsyD
of AR Psychological Services

"AR Psychological Services provides high quality assessments, diagnostics, therapy, & consultations to the North Texas Community. Our highly-qualified clinicians bring a diverse set of skills to our practice, allowing us to meet the needs of a variety of clients from all walks of life. What truly sets us apart is our approach: we believe that achieving health & wellness requires the alignment of mind & body.  Our practice focuses on building a healthy outlook through introspection, understanding how our thoughts drive feelings & actions, & learning how to harness thoughts to feel better & act with more purpose.  Our work empowers individuals, couples, & families to embrace challenges as opportunities & build strong connections with self & the world around them.  We set goals with our clients for their personal & emotional development to achieve the balance they seek."

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Dealing with Isolation

What is Anxiety?

Cognitive Distortions

Talking to Kids About Difficult News

Self Care & Pressure During The Pandemic

Managing Kids During the Pandemic

Work-Life Balance 

Beating The Holiday Blues

What is Said vs. What is Heard

Let's Talk About Suicide

I am Stress

Suicide: On the Rise

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