Meet Dr. Amanpreet
Randazzo, PsyD of
AR Psychological Services

"AR Psychological Services provides high quality assessments, diagnostics, therapy, and consultations to the North Texas Community. Our highly-qualified clinicians bring a diverse set of skills to our practice, allowing us to meet the needs of a variety of clients from all walks of life. What truly sets us apart is our approach: we believe that achieving health and wellness requires the alignment of mind and body.  Our practice focuses on building a healthy outlook through introspection, understanding how our thoughts drive feelings and actions, and learning how to harness thoughts to feel better and act with more purpose.  Our work empowers individuals, couples, and families to embrace challenges as opportunities and build strong connections with self and the world around them.  We set goals with our patients for their personal and emotional development to achieve the balance they seek."

What is Anxiety?

Dealing with Isolation

Anxiety: What is Our Interpretation and Perception

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What is Said vs. What is Heard

Mental Health Responds to Covid-19

Let's Talk About Self Care and the Pressure During This Pandemic

I am Anxiety

Let's Talk About Boundaries 

What are Cognitive Distortions?

Greif: Experiencing Loss

Overcoming Anxiety

Managing Kids During the Pandemic

What is Anxiety: continued

Let's Talk About Suicide

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Coping with Covid-19

The Senior Source: Advice on how to deal with "Grandparent Guilt" during this pandemic

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