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What We Offer

Achieving health & wellness requires the alignment of mind & body.  Our practice focuses on building a healthy outlook through introspection, understanding how our thoughts drive feelings & actions, & learning how to harness thoughts to feel better & act with more purpose. Together, we will set goals for your personal & emotional development to achieve the balance that you seek.


Therapy is the opportunity to talk with a professional to help clarify & work through a difficult situation that you’re facing. This could stem from anxiety, depression, difficult relationships, or every day stress. Often, therapy is the first step in helping you introspect & face the challenges that may be affecting your daily life or holding you back in some way. Therapy allows you to see your problems & stressors from a new perspective with guidance from a trained therapist.

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Psychological & Neurological assessments are diagnostic tools that help you better understand what may be at the core of your challenges. Think of them as the psychological equivalent of a blood test! If you feel unwell, your primary care physician may order a blood test to help identify the illness you have. Similarly, when you need clarity on behavior, mood, or cognitive issues, psychological & neurological assessments can be used to answer specific questions like: Do I have ADHD? Do I have depression? Am I Bipolar? These tests are usually done one-on-one with a psychologist who administers the exam, reviews the data, & then shares the results in a follow-up feedback session. Some of the assessments we offer include ADHD evaluations, learning disability evaluations,  pre-surgical Bariatric evaluations, personality evaluations, & a variety of neuropsychological evaluations.


Dr. Amanpreet Randazzo, PsyD can provide your business, organization, or other group with a personalized lecture or presentation on the topic of your choice.

The rate for private speaking engagements/presentations is $350 per hour for up to 20 people.

Over 20 people, please contact for pricing.

All requests for private engagements should be emailed to:

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